Julia in the classroom

Julia is ready for the classroom. We encourage instructors to participate in the Julia community resources for questions about Julia or specific packages.

Classes using Julia for teaching

Julia is now being used in several university courses in North America. If you know of other classes using Julia for teaching, please drop us a note.

Julia resources

For a quick introduction to Julia, see these introductory slides.

Steve Johnson maintains an excellent resource for using Julia in the classroom at MIT.

Installing Julia

The Julia and IPython teams have collaborated to develop IJulia, which provides a powerful graphical notebook interface to Julia.

Julia binaries are available for Mac and Windows. It is also easy to build from source on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Julia tutorials

Topical material

Julia packages

The Julia community has put together a number of packages spanning multiple disciplines.

The Julia manual

The Julia manual contains a complete introduction to the Julia language. It is available in Chinese, while Spanish and Portuguese translations are in the works.


We recorded a number of videos as part of the Julia tutorial at MIT in January 2013. These videos are published in the Julia channel on Youtube. Slides and other material from the tutorial are available on GitHub.