All participants in the Julia community are requested to read the Julia Community Standards, and abide by them in all Julia related forums.

Mailing Lists

The julia-users mailing list is for discussion around the usage of julia. New users of julia can ask their questions here. As a courtesy to others, do check the archives and documentation to see if a particular question is already answered.

The julia-dev mailing list is for discussion related to the development of julia itself.

The julia-stats mailing list is a special purpose mailing list for discussions related to statistical programming with julia. Topics of interest include DataFrame support, GLM modeling, and automatic generation of MCMC code for Bayesian models.

The julia-opt mailing list is for discussions related to numerical optimization in julia. This includes Mathematical Programming (linear, mixed-integer, conic, semi-definite, etc.), constrained and unconstrained gradient-based and gradient-free optimization, and related topics.

The JuliaBox mailing list is for discussions related to running Julia in the so called cloud.

The julia-users-es mailing list is for discussions around the usage of Julia in the spanish language.


We use GitHub to track our source code and for tracking and discussing issues (bugs and their fixes, new features, and proposed changes) and commits. GitHub’s pages are for Julia’s development; for user support, please see julia-users.

There is also a list of packages for Julia, many of which are also hosted on and developed using GitHub.

Various Julia projects are hosted under the following umbrella organizations on GitHub:

Google Summer of Code 2014

Julia participated in the Google Summer of Code 2014.


A blog aggregator for Julia blogs


Various Julia videos and playlists are posted on YouTube


Tweet using the #JuliaLang hashtag on Twitter.


Use the julia-lang tag on StackOverflow, if you post a Julia related question on StackOverflow.

Chat Rooms


Julia has several local user groups:

North America




South America

Don’t have one in your area? Why not start one!


The Julia Language SubReddit is a collection of various blog posts and articles related to Julia.