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The Julia Language has an active Slack workspace/community with over 15,000 members and over 3 million messages sent. Slack is a space to have quick and informal correspondence with others in the community. We ask that if you have Julia usage questions, you post them on Discourse so others can benefit from them. You could also use Stack Overflow but the Discourse community is much more welcoming (in our opinion).

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The Julia Community Standards are enforced on Slack by our Slack Admins.

If you see or experience any violation of those standards, or feel unsafe or upset, please contact us by sending an email to All communications will be treated confidentially but incidents may be shared with the Julia Stewards (who will treat all information confidentially as well).

You can also contact the Julia Stewards, in particular if your concern or conflict involves the admins and/or you would prefer a third party to resolve it.

Slack lacks adequate moderations tools so at the present moment, you will have to email the moderators if you think the Julia Community Standards have been violated or otherwise need the support of an Admin. See the list of our current Slack Admins (Slack sign-in required)