Julia Season of Contributions Program Admins

The JSoC (encompasses GSoC, GSoD, etc.) program admins have a few responsibilities including, but not limited too, reviewing contributor applications for all programs, creating and submitting the organization application for each program, helping ensure the programs run smoothly, recruiting mentors, making final contributor selections and more.

The current JSoC admins are:

Google Summer of Code stipulated that we have at least 3 program admins and at most 5 (though we can have more acting in the capacity of a program admin just not officially loaded into the system). If you are interested in joining the Julia Language as a program admin, we would love to hear from you. We value open source experience, prior GSoC mentoring experience (ideally), and a general enthusiasm for helping enable contributors to learn and contribute to Julia though these programs. We would ideally be looking for someone who has made contributors to the Julia ecosystem but that is not a hard requirement if the person brings other relevant experience. The expected time commitment for the role depends on the time of year. During peak months, it could be as much as ~5 hours per week and in off months it could be as little as 0-1 hours per week.

If you are interested in helping out, please ping us at jsoc@julialang.org and we will review the submission as soon as we can.