Get Started with Julia

Julia Academy

Do you learn best by watching instructor led videos on programming? Check out JuliaAcademy which was prepared by core Julia developers in collaboration with JuliaHub.

Exercism Julia Track

Prefer to learn by doing exercises and getting feedback from a team of welcoming mentors? Check out the Julia Track on

The Manual

Want to just give it a shot and dive right into the Julia documentation? Check out the getting started guide.


The Julia Language's YouTube is the one stop shop for all things Julia on YouTube. From JuliaCon recordings to virtual meetups on technical topics, our YouTube channel hosts much of the existing community created Julia content. There are also a few MOOC's that have been created using Julia.

We also have a curated set of Julia video tutorials that have accompanying Jupyter Notebooks viewers can follow along with.

Julia Tutorials

We have created a non-exhaustive list of community provided Julia tutorials. Check them out to learn Julia through the lens of someone from the community. Once you're familiar with the language itself, the blog ModernJuliaWorkflows will teach you the secrets of productive Julia development.

There also exist a growing number of curated Julia courses in the form of video lecture series. These courses are freely available on YouTube. You can also sign up through JuliaAcademy to track your progress, take quizzes, and get certificates.

JuliaAcademy JuliaAcademy JuliaAcademy


Interested in getting a Julia book? Check out the amazing books members of our community have written since Julia was created.

Julia book collection

Pluto.jl notebooks

Pluto.jl is a Julia programming environment designed for learning and teaching, and it is a great way to get started with Julia programming, packages and visualisation.

Pluto.jl is easy to install, and you can write interactive documents with no prior experience.

A screenshot of a Pluto notebook about image filters.
A screenshot of a Pluto notebook that visualizes the Collatz conjecture.
A screenshot of a Pluto notebook about strings, dictionaries and analyzing natural language.

In the Classroom

Julia is ready for the classroom. We encourage instructors to participate in the Julia community for questions about Julia or specific packages. This page puts together various resources that instructors and students alike may find useful. See where Julia is being taught today.

Collection of schools where Julia is taught