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The Julia blog discusses issues of numerical, technical, distributed and parallel computing, as well as programming language design, and how these issues touch upon the design and implementation of the Julia programming language. Also see the Julia Computing blog for another source of information regarding ongoing Julia development.

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The Julia Community Prizes, 2018

Congratulations to Tim Besard, Katharine Hyatt, Chris Rackauckas and Elliot Saba

Julia 1.0

Announcing the release of Julia 1.0

Julia 1.0 (Traditional Chinese)

Julia 1.0 正式發佈

Julia 1.0 (Simplified Chinese)

Julia 1.0正式发布

Julia 1.0 (Spanish)

Anunciando el release de Julia 1.0

Writing Iterators in Julia 0.7

With the upcoming 0.7 release, Julia has simplified its iteration interface.

First-Class Statistical Missing Values Support in Julia 0.7

The 0.7 release of Julia will soon introduce first-class support for statistical missing values. Being essential for statistical analyses and...

Extensible broadcast fusion

Julia version 0.7 brings with it an exciting new feature: the ability to customize broadcast fusion!

Tetris coming to Julia language for v1.0

Good news, everyone! Starting v1.0, Tetris will be included in the standard library.

Some π-ography

Julia 0.5 Highlights

Put This In Your Pipe

Shelling Out Sucks

Stanford Talk Video

Why We Created Julia