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Current Release (v0.6.2)

We provide several ways for you to run Julia:

A package which integrates most of Julia’s plotting backends into one convenient and well-documented API is Plots.jl. Plotting capabilities are also provided by external packages such as PyPlot.jl and Gadfly.jl. Look at the plotting instructions to install a plotting package. If you are using JuliaBox, all of these plotting packages are pre-installed.

Julia (command line version)

Windows Self-Extracting Archive (.exe) [help] 32-bit 64-bit
Windows 7/Windows Server 2012 users also require TLS "Easy Fix" update, and Windows Management Framework 3.0 or later
macOS Package (.dmg) [help] 10.8+ 64-bit
Generic Linux Binaries for x86 [help] 32-bit (GPG) 64-bit (GPG)
Generic Linux Binaries for ARM 32-bit (armv7-a hard float) (GPG) 64-bit (armv8-a) (GPG)
Source Tarball (GPG) Tarball with dependencies (GPG) GitHub

Please see platform specific instructions if you have trouble installing Julia. Checksums for this release are available in both MD5 and SHA256 format.

If the provided download files do not work for you, please file an issue in the Julia project.

Older Releases

Older releases of Julia for all platforms are available on the Older releases page.

Releases older than 0.6 are now unmaintained.

Nightly builds

Nightly builds of the current unstable development version of Julia are available on the nightlies page. These are intended as developer previews into the latest work and are not intended for normal use. Most users are advised to use the current release version of Julia, above.

Download verification

All Julia binary releases are cryptographically secured using the traditional methods on each operating system platform. macOS and Windows releases are codesigned by certificates that are verified by the operating system before installation. Generic Linux tarballs and source tarballs are signed via GPG using this key. Ubuntu and Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/SL releases are signed by their own keys that are verified by the package managers when installing.

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