Language interoperability – Summer of Code


CxxWrap STL

The CxxWrap.jl package provides a way to load compiled C++ code into Julia. It exposes a small fraction of the C++ standard library to Julia, but many more functions and containers (e.g. std::map) still need to be exposed. The objective of this project is to improve C++ standard library coverage.

Expected outcome

  1. Add missing STL container types (easy)

  2. Add support for STL algorithms (intermediate)

  3. Investigate improvement of compile times and selection of included types (advanced)

Recommended Skills: Familiarity with both Julia and C++

Duration: 175h, expected difficulty: hard

Mentor: Bart Janssens


Take a look at the project, listed on the "Pluto" page, about wrapping a Rust HTTP server in a Julia package.