The Julia Community Prizes, 2018

4 September 2018 | Avik Sengupta

Congratulations to Tim Besard, Katharine Hyatt, Chris Rackauckas and Elliot Saba

The Julia Community Prizes celebrate the amazing set of scientists, developers and designers who have come together build such a strong and diverse ecosystem for numerical computing. Each of the four individuals chosen for the first award in 2018 have made immense contributions to Julia over many years, and all of them have been crucial to Julia's success.

The prizes were announced at JuliaCon 2018 in London, and each awardee was presented with certificate of accomplishment and a cash prize of $1000.

Tim Besard

For extending Julia natively to the GPU Tim Besard

Katharine Hyatt

For her enhancements of Julia's test suite and documentation Katharine Hyatt

Chris Rackauckas

For his development of JuliaDiffEq and his community engagement Chris Rackauckas

Elliot Saba

For his design and stewardship of Julia's community infrastructure Elliot Saba

Please join us in congratulating the winners, and thanking the awards committee.

Awards Committee

The members of the committee for 2018 were Prof Alan Edelman, MIT; Prof Tim Holy, WU; and Mr Curtis Vogt, Invenia.