Julia Workshop@Beijing and the Julia Localization Prize

7 September 2019 | Roger Luo, Jun Tian

A Julia workshop in China was hosted by JuliaCN in Beijing on Aug 24, 2019. This is the 5th Julia workshop in China hosted by JuliaCN since 2016. We thank the Julia community and our kind sponsors: Colorful Clouds, Microsoft, Swarma club, and SyncedReview. We received over 100 registrations for this event, and roughly 50 offline participants. The online video stream had 1,600 live viewers.

These videos have been uploaded to Bilibili.com, and the related materials are uploaded to JuliaCN/MeetUpMaterials.


Localization Prize

Jeff Bezanson announced the Julia Localization Prize, and each awardee was presented with a certificate of accomplishment signed by Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski and Viral Shah. The following outstanding contributors also received a cash prize of $150:

Contributors to the documentation who received the certificate of accomplishment include:

New documentation: @Yoshiera, @woclass, @zhangkaihua88, @zxj5470, @davelet, @shang.zd, @Kyoko_Sakura, @cherichy, @sukanka, @ciaranchen, @lwoo1999

Old documentation: @autozimu, @GaZ3ll3, @morvinzha, @nanxstats, @wlbksy, @sunoru, @XD-DENG, @KDr2, @zhx2013, @dovahcrow, @yuyichao, @yfractal

The certificates have been mailed to the awardees. Please contact @Roger-luo if we missed you!




We conducted a survey and 36 attendees responded to the survey:


After the workshop, we discussed how to grow the Julia community in China, and we are planning to do the following:

See you next year in China!