Google's Code-In Contest Wrap up

10 February 2020 | Avik Sengupta, Dhairya Gandhi and Logan Kilpatrick

Over the last couple of months, 212 young people have completed over 690 tasks using Julia as part of the Google Code-In program. You may have seen PR’s to your projects or blog posts around the internet. With this being the first year that we’ve participated in the program, we were jumping into the void. It turned out to be a lot of effort, and so we must thank our amazing set of mentors who stepped up to help and guide the students. It would not have been possible without their participation and a substantial commitment.

And finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to all the students who completed tasks in Julia. We do hope they learned a lot about technology and community, and had fun at the same time. Some of them have continued contributing beyond the set tasks within the program. We hope some of them will come back to GCI and GSoC in future years.

The rules of the program dictate that we had to choose a set of winners. We have seen great submissions from almost all of the students. The following six students stand out in the quality of their code, their commitment to the community, and their work ethic. Without further ado, here are the six winners for the Julia project in GCI 2019.



During the program, the participants worked on a variety of tasks across a range of Julia packages. Some of the tasks asked our students to create blog posts explaining a certain facet of the technology. Here is a sample of such posts, the ones we think are among the most interesting. Enjoy!