GSoC 2020 Wrap-Up

8 September 2020 | Logan Kilpatrick, Avik Sengupta, & Chris Rackauckas

Every summer, we welcome a large group of students working on Julia and its packages via the Google Summer of Code program. This year, in addition to GSoC we hosted our own Julia Summer of Code, were fortunate enough to have Julia represented via the MLH Fellowship, and even had folks working on Julia projects as part of other GSoC orgs.

Google Summer of Code

View the Julia Projects GSoC Page.

Sharan Yalburgi

Adding GPML capabilities to JuliaGaussianProcesses

Arthur Lui

BNP Benchmarks and Feature Comparisons for Turing and Other PPLs

Blog Posts:

Nirmal Praveen Suthar

Deep Learning for 3D Computer Vision

Blog Posts:

Alexander Seiler

General Improvements for LinearMaps.jl

Kirill Zubov

General partial differential equation solver using neural networks

Blog Posts:

Frank Schäfer

High weak order stochastic differential equation solvers and their utility in neural stochastic differential equations

Blog Posts:

Koustav Chowdhury

Implementation of a hash table based on SwissTable and adding Trees.jl to JuliaCollections

Blog Posts:

Martinuzzi Francesco

Implementation of a Reservoir Computing library for timeseries prediction

Blog Posts:

Tejas Vaidhya

A Lite BERT and Statistical language models

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Ludovico Bessi

Improving Surrogates.jl

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Peter Cheng (Ching-Wen Cheng)

Leveraging Hugging Face Transformers package in Julia

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Aadesh Deshmukh

MLJTime - Adding Time Series Support For MLJ

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Performance Enhancements and Optimizations for Differential Equation solvers

Blog Posts:

Saranjeet Kaur Bhogal

Polychord Nested Sampling Algorithm Building and Integration with Turing in Julia

Blog Posts:

Uziel Linares

Taylor models and a guaranteed ODE solver

Blog Posts:

Chen Zhao

ZXCalculus.jl: ZX-calculus for Julia

Julia Summer of Code

Arsh Sharma

A Geospatial Data handling package for Julia

Blog Posts:

Krish Agarwal

A Standards compliant Interval Arithmetic Library

Blog Posts:

Sebastian Guadalupe

Computational Methods using Zonotopes

Blog Posts:

Ashrya Agrawal-1

MLJ - ​ FairML

Blog Posts:


N-body problem tooling for large scale electrodynamics simulations

Blog Posts:

Ashutosh Bharambe

Neural Networks for solving differential equations

Blog Posts:

Abhinav Mehndiratta

Parallel Graph Algorithms

Blog Posts:


Parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamical models.

MLH Fellowship + The Julia Language

Ali Malik

Avik Pal

Biswajit Ghosh

Nabanita Dash

Gautam Mishra

Jivitesh Jain

Kanav Gupta

Lakshya Khatri

Maaz Bin Tahir Saeed

Micky Chan

ZǐJìng Zhāng a.k.a. Zing

Make sure to check out Nabanita's awesome MLH Fellowship blog post:

If you are interested in joining a MLH cohort, make sure to apply here: and indicate you want to work with the Julia Programming Language.

Other Julia Projects

Archit (OpenCV bindings for Julia)

Blog Posts:

You can find the original GSoC and JSoC 2020 project list here.

~ Logan, Chris, and Avik (Julia Season of Contributions Team)