The 2020 Industry Julia Users Contributhon

20 January 2021 | Jarrett Revels

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post reflecting on an interesting JuliaCon 2020 discussion between a group of industry-focused Julia users that focused on the interplay between closed-source proprietary software development and Julia's open source software (OSS) ecosystem. The blog post summarized a few key issues that our discussion group felt served as real hurdles to meaningful OSS contribution from within private organizations. The post concluded by announcing our attempt to jump these hurdles: the Julia Industry Users Contributhon, a hackathon where participating industry organizations could come together to contribute back to the Julia ecosystem.

This event's goals were to...

Now, in 2021, I'm happy to report on all of the great contributions made as part of the event last month by the wonderful folks at Beacon Biosignals, Invenia, TriScale innov, RelationalAI, and PumasAI. All shapes and sizes of contribution were welcome at the event: we released whole packages, made PRs, caught bugs, started new projects, and planned out our OSS roadmaps/backlogs for future work.

Here is a sampling of the standouts:

...and so many more issues/PRs/etc. that I couldn't fit here - especially the important work that went into public OSS backlog creation.

On top of the contributions themselves, this event taught us about (or in some cases, reminded us of) a few valuable points:

All in all, I'd say the Contributhon was a success, and established some key points of collaboration between industry Julia users that I suspect will carry on for quite some time. More importantly, it was a whole lot of fun. Thanks to everybody that attended, everybody that facilitated, and all the wonderful folks in OSS community whose projects support Julia's continued rise in industry!

Have thoughts/questions about this blog post and/or the use of Julia in industry? Come join the discussion in the Julia Slack's #industry-users channel!