Google Season of Docs 2020-2021 Wrap-Up

4 April 2021 | Logan Kilpatrick


We at the Julia Language, are grateful to have participated in Google Season of Docs for the first time during the 2020 - 2021 season. During this period, we had 3 writers successfully complete their projects through GSoD and one writer successfully complete their project through Julia Season of Docs (a counterpart to GSoD with the only difference being we pay the writer directly rather than have them funded by Google).

We are proud to share the following projects that were successfully completed:


Elizaveta Semenova: Gaussian Processes in Julia and Turing

Maja Gwóźdź: The unified documentation of Scientific Machine Learning

Liliana Badillo: Reinventing the FluxML Website

Luca Ferranti: Developing JuliaIntervals documentation

Our Mentors

It is always worth acknowledging that without the hard work of our mentors, none of the programs we run and participate in would be possible. Thank you to Cameron Pfiffer, Hong Ge, Martin Trapp, Chris Rackauckas, Dhairya Gandhi, David P Sanders, and the rest of the Julia community who supported these writers.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to all of the technical writers and mentors mentioned above who made this GSoD a success. We are also happy to share that we have submitted our application for the GSoD 2021-2022 Season and are anticipating a decision by mid-April.

Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick

Julia Language Community Manager