JuliaCon 2021, the largest Julia Programming event in history

26 July 2021 | Logan Kilpatrick

The JuliaCon 2021 organizing committee is proud to share that JuliaCon is off to an incredible start this year with workshops commencing on Tuesday July 20th and going until the conference talks begin on Wednesday July 28th.

Julia co-creator and CEO of JuliaHub, Viral Shah, pointed out on Twitter that this year's first workshop has already reached more people than some of the original JuliaCon videos have over the course of 7 years.

I just noticed this impressive #julialang growth statistic. The first #juliacon was 7 years ago. Yesterday's #JuliaCon2021 tutorials got the same number of YouTube views in 1 day that the first #juliacon videos got in 7 years! pic.twitter.com/gJ5zMkAIzF

— Viral B. Shah (@Viral_B_Shah) July 21, 2021

Some important links which you may find helpful as the core conference kicks off this week:

This years JuliaCon is truly one for the books. By all metrics available to us, this years conference is already much larger than last year! Make sure to register for free so you can stay up to date with all of the community meetups, event details, and more. You can also follow the JuliaConOrg account on Twitter for in the moment updates and content. See you online!

Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick

Julia Language Community Manager