JuliaCon 2022 Highlights

10 August 2022 | The JuliaCon 2022 Organizing Committee

Another successful JuliaCon is officially in the books! This year, we had 7,986 free registrations via Eventbrite with over 220 people opting to make a donation to the Julia Project while signing up. Between the period of July 19th (start of workshops) - July 30th (last day of the conference), we had over 41,000 unique viewers on the Julia Language’s YouTube and 10,000+ more across the PyData YouTube along with other venues like LinkedIn despite the Summer of 2022 including travel plans for many along with virtual conference burnout. This year’s conference boasted the highest quality content to date, with more engagement overall than we have seen in previous years.

Julia Community Prize Winners

We wanted to give another warm congratulation to the 2022 Julia Community Prize winners. This year’s winners are:

It is an incredibly tough job to pick just three awards each year as there are so many deserving people in the Julia community.


JuliaCon 2022 brought together an amazing group of keynote speakers sharing some truly amazing perspectives.

JuMP-dev 2022

We were excited to have the JuMP-dev conference co-located within JuliaCon for the second time this year. It was another awesome opportunity to get the users and developers from the JuMP community engaged with the greater Julia community. The list of all of the JuMP-dev talks, along with links to their YouTube videos, is available on the JuMP-dev webpage.

State of Julia

This year, Jeff Bezanson presented the State of Julia talk on behalf of the core Julia development team. The talk covered many of the new compiler developments, language features, and Jeff shared a roadmap for some of the future initiatives the core team is working on.

Check out the full talk to learn more

Julia User & Developer Survey

This year's 4th annual Julia User and Developer survey captured the thoughts of 1,162 members of the community with the survey being available in English, Spanish, and Japanese. The survey revealed key trends in the Julia community which you can check out in the full video.


JuliaCon would not be possible without the support of such amazing sponsors. You can find our list of JuliaCon 2022 sponsors below with their sponsored videos:

JuliaCon T-Shirt, Mug, and more!

A huge thanks to all of those who supported JuliaCon 2022 by purchasing a limited edition JuliaCon 2022 t-shirt, stickers, etc. This year we were lucky to have a few amazing new designs which were well received by the community thanks to cormullion.

Conference Feedback Welcome

We are always trying to make JuliaCon more inclusive, fun, and informative. If you have any suggestions for what we can do better in the future, please share your thoughts in the post conference survey. Note that there are other third party surveys out there that are not affiliated with the Julia project or JuliaCon, so please be careful.

Wrapping up

JuliaCon 2022 was yet another amazing event for the community and ecosystem to come together (albeit virtually). During the closing remarks of this year's conference, co-chair Valentin Churavy announced that next year’s conference will be in-person at MIT July 23rd - 28th, 2023.

Thank you to all of the amazing speakers, volunteers, organizations, and the entire Julia community for making this year's conference a success. It truly does take a community to put on JuliaCon!

JuliaCon 2022 Organizing Committee

Proceedings Committee

If you are interested in helping out with next year's conference, please let us know!