Compiler Projects – Summer of Code

There are a number of compiler projects that are currently being worked on. Please contact Jameson Nash for additional details and let us know what specifically interests you about this area of contribution. That way, we can tailor your project to better suit your interests and skillset.

Expected Outcomes: Ability to see more variable, argument, and object details in gdb Recommended Skills: Most of these projects involve algorithms work, requiring a willingness and interest in seeing how to integrate with a large system.
Difficulty: Medium
Mentors: Jameson Nash, Gabriel Baraldi

Improving test coverage (175 hours)

Code coverage reports very good coverage of all of the Julia Stdlib packages, but it's not complete. Additionally, the coverage tools themselves (–track-coverage and could be further enhanced, such as to give better accuracy of statement coverage, or more precision. A successful project may combine a bit of both building code and finding faults in others' code.

Another related side-project might be to explore adding Type information to the coverage reports?

Recommended Skills: An eye for detail, a thrill for filing code issues, and the skill of breaking things.
Contact: Jameson Nash

Multi-threading Improvement Projects (175 hours each)

Continuous on-going work is being done to improve the correctness and threaded code. A few ideas to get you started on how to join this effort, in brief, include:

Join the regularly scheduled multithreading call for discussion of any of these at #multithreading BoF calendar invite on the Julia Language Public Events calendar.

Recommended Skills: Varies by project, but generally some multi-threading and C experience is needed
Contact: Jameson Nash

Automation of testing / performance benchmarking (350 hours)

The Nanosoldier.jl project (and related tests for performance impacts of some changes. However, there remains many areas that are not covered (such as compile time) while other areas are over-covered (greatly increasing the duration of the test for no benefit) and some tests may not be configured appropriately for statistical power. Furthermore, the current reports are very primitive and can only do a basic pair-wise comparison, while graphs and other interactive tooling would be more valuable. Thus, there would be many great projects for a summer contributor to tackle here!

Expected Outcomes: Improvement of Julia's automated testing/benchmarking framework. Skills: Interest in and/or experience with CI systems. Difficulty: Medium

Contact: Jameson Nash, Tim Besard