Tensor network contraction order optimization and visualization

OMEinsum.jl is a pure Julia package for tensor network computation, which has been used in various projects, including

Unlike other tensor contraction packages such as ITensors.jl and TensorOperations.jl, it is designed for large scale tensor networks with arbitrary topology. The key feature of OMEinsum.jl is that it can automatically optimize the contraction order of a tensor network. Related features are implemented in OMEinsumContractionOrders.jl.

We are looking for a student to work on the following tasks:

Recommended skills: familiarity with tensor networks, graph theory and high performance computing.

Expected results:

Mentors: Jin-Guo Liu, Jutho Haegeman and Lukas Devos

Project difficulty: Medium to Hard

Project length: 350 hrs

Contact: feel free to ask questions via email or the Julia slack (user name: JinGuo Liu).