VS Code projects

VS Code extension

We are generally looking for folks that want to help with the Julia VS Code extension. We have a long list of open issues, and some of them amount to significant projects.

Required Skills: TypeScript, julia, web development.

Expected Results: Depends on the specific projects we would agree on.

Mentors: David Anthoff

Package installation UI

The VSCode extension for Julia could provide a simple way to browse available packages and view what's installed on a users system. To start with, this project could simply provide a GUI that reads in package data from a Project.toml/Manifest.toml and show some UI elements to add/remove/manage those packages.

This could also be extended by having metadata about the package, such as a readme, github stars, activity and so on (somewhat similar to the VSCode-native extension explorer).

Expected Results: A UI in VSCode for package operations.

Recommended Skills: Familiarity with TypeScript and Julia development.

Mentors: Sebastian Pfitzner

Also take a look at Pluto - VS Code integration!