Documentation tooling


The Julia manual and the documentation for a large chunk of the ecosystem is generated using Documenter.jl – essentially a static site generator that integrates with Julia and its docsystem. There are tons of opportunities for improvements for anyone interested in working on the interface of Julia, documentation and various front-end technologies (web, LaTeX).

Recommended skills: Basic knowledge of web-development (JS, CSS, HTML) or LaTeX, depending on the project.

Mentors: Morten Piibeleht

Docsystem API

Julia supports docstrings – inline documentation which gets parsed together with the code and can be accessed dynamically in a Julia session (e.g. via the REPL ?> help mode; implemented mostly in the Docs module).

Not all docstrings are created equal however. There are bugs in Julia's docsystem code, which means that some docstrings do not get stored or are stored with the wrong key (parametric methods). In addition, the API to fetch and work with docstrings programmatically is not documented, not considered public and could use some polishing.

Recommended skills: Basic familiarity with Julia is sufficient.

Mentors: Morten Piibeleht